Wednesday, June 18

Day 2 Taichung: Sun Moon Lake/ Carton King/ Feng Chia Night Market

wanted to go Lavender Cottage but in the end no bc it's no longer the lavender season right now... I started the day in the early afternoon thus time only allow me to visit 2 places... I picked Sun Moon Lake and Carton King. There are places like Rainbow Village, Sea of Flower, Lavender Cottage, etc for you to visit as well

First stop, Sun Moon Lake! Went up to the temple to have an overview of the whole area. And since I'm already at the temple, I bought a "good luck" lantern for blessings and 求签. After that I went to the peacock park. I don't know if this is the season of peacock but apparently, all the male peacocks open up their feather and it's gorgeous. You get to see the standard colorful feathers as well as the white peacock

Head to the pier after that which you can take ferry to different islands to see the different tribes, try out their tribe food as well as they will perform too! Got to eat the famous Naluwan Tribe's 茶叶蛋! You can get 4 at 50NTD (approx 2SGD). headed to another island and I choose to take the cable car up to 九族村 and I slowly stroll down from the mountain. It was tiring but fulfilling at the same time! You can also opt for the round trip option which cost 250NDT (approx 10.5SGD) The reason why I chose to stroll down it's bc the weather over there is very cooling

Next up, Carton King. The reason why it's call carton king is that everything here is made of carton.Yes, I mean those carton box material. It can withstand rain and fatigue damage! They featured carton zoo and most of the famous architecture around the world. Settled my dinner over there with steamboat which cost 420NDT (approx 17.7SGD) with a drink too. There will be coupon give to you so you can use the coupon to have some discount in the restaurant or the souvenir shop!

a must to take photo with my favourite animal, the lion king

since I can't afford to go Paris right now, I shall take photo with the replica Eiffel Tower. someday, I must be there with my lover

and this is my wonderful 师傅 for the day and thank you for bringing me over and introducing me the place! not only he's a good driver, he also followed me around just to help me take photos

since I don't really get to shop last night, I decided to head down to Feng Chia Night Market again for my shopping! and I had my second cup of authentic pearl milk tea at only 20NDT (approx 0.80SGD) for the big cup. and then the crazy siqi start her crazy shopping spree which I'm still trying my best to fit everything in my luggage as I'm heading to Taipei tomorrow!